December 13, 2017
3M Clubhouse



Gabe Franklin - Nevada Daily Mail
Mark Burger - Cottey College
Doug Hundley - Nevada Regional Medical Center
Tom Nowak - CJ Fire Department
Mike Ast - Heartland Behavioral Health
Melissa Keating - Vernon CO Health Department
Paula Messner - Vernon CO IT/GIS
Cindy Thompson -  Vernon CO Northern Commissioner
Terry Charles - ADM
Derik White - 3M
Renee Eck - Nevada Medical Clinic
Joe Hardin - Vernon CO Presiding Commissioner
Everett Wolfe - Vernon CO Southern Commissioner
Dennis Kimrey - Vernon CO OEM
Chris Haynes - Vernon CO OEM
Jennifer Whiteside - 3M
Marty Tourtillott - 3M
Mike Catron - Nevada Nursing and Rehab
Cassie Sanders - Kayslinger Basin RPC
Bill Thornton - Nevada Fire/EMD


Alan Hooper - MODOT
Rebecca Bogle - 3M
Nich Matyseh - 3M
Ashley Bradbury - 3M
Jack Pietruszewski - 3M
Sara Rains - 3M
Tori Schulze - Vernon Co Health Dept
Russell Milbauer - CJ Fire

Meeting Minutes:
The December meeting was called to order at 1152 by Doug Hundley, Chairperson.
3M was thanked for hosting the December LEPC meeting.  Very much appreciated by all that attended.
After reviewing the minutes from the November meeting, a motion to approve the minutes was made by Joe Hardin.  Second by Tom Nowak. The motion was approved by voice vote.
After reviewing the financial statement, a motion to approve the financial statement was made by Tom Nowak.  Second by Cindy Thompson. The motion was approved by voice vote.

Old Business
Vice-Chair Nominations were made:1. Mike Ast
Discussion about  a Hazmat tabletop was tabled until  further notice.
New Business:
Cassie Sanders from Kaysinger River Basin Planning Commission gave an overview of the purpose of the commission.  The kick-off meeting was held for the Vernon County Natural Hazard Mitigation Update on December 7, 2017. The next meeting will be held on January 18, 2018 at 11:00am at Healthy Nevada.

Alan Hooper, MoDot Maintenance Supervisor, spoke on winter weather road clearing plans; including number of trucks, major vs minor routes, and the Traffic Management Center in Springfield. He also spoke about how the roads are monitored during a winter weather event.

Dennis Kimrey introduced Chris Haynes as the new Emergency Management Director effective 1/1/18.

Agency Reports
NRMC completed the tabletop exercise with long-term care facilities
Cindy Thompson announced that there will be a retirement party for Dennis Kimrey on 12/27/17 at the Vernon County Courthouse.
Motion made to adjourn the meeting by Cindy Thompson, second by Joe Hardin.
Meeting Adjourned at 1215
Submitted by Melissa Keating